Remote Raspnerry Visualization

  • lsislsis

    lsislsis - 2014-12-02

    Can we use the visualization of raspberry for access other remote PLC that use Codesys V3 or V2.3 runtime?


  • kmpm

    kmpm - 2014-12-09


    As I have understood it, No.
    The visualization can only pick up values from the local runtime and not directly from a remote device.
    And you can not put the web visualization from one codesys implementation, for example the raspberry one
    and put it on a wago.
    The visualization support comes from the supplier of the device and if it's not implemented in the runtime
    on that device it will not work.

    Not even all codesys 3.5 runtimes on other devices have the web visu support that raspberry has.
    Berghof is the only brand that I have used that have the web visu implemented, and I love it.

    What you could do though, is to have the visualization in the raspberry pi and somehow get/set the values you need from the
    other devices into the raspberry and have the visualization show and manipulate the local "copy" of these values.

  • jzhvymetal

    jzhvymetal - 2014-12-12

    You could setup ModbusTCP or Network variables to transfer variables to monitor remote devices. Then make visualization from those variables.

    FYI also Schneider Electric SoMachine4.1 enable web visualizations. This means M258, M241, and M251 have it with latest frimware.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2014-12-14

    an option could be, use netvars (they are available on V2.3 too) and copy with that the visuvariables to the raspberry pi
    and use the pi webvisu to do the visu for the 2.3 plc. (you could even import the V2.3 project and convert the visu pages to V3 and use them in V3)



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