Codesys with BeagleBone Black + Profinet

  • jon-korta

    jon-korta - 2017-03-20

    Is posible to connect Codesys with BeagleBone Black with a Profinet dispositive? And if it is posible how can I do?


  • boldive

    boldive - 2017-03-21

    I see a Profinet network in available devices.
    Try this:
    Rightclick on Device (your Beaglebone) => Add Device => Profinet IO => Ethernet Adapter => Ethernet => add device => close window
    Right click on Ethernet => Add Device => Profinet IO => add what you want: IO Device if BBB is a slave or IO Master if BBB is a master => add device => close window
    Right click on new added device => Add Device => add your IO, Drives which was previously registered in Tools=>Device Repository

    Is this what you are looking for?

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2017-03-25

    there is one little problem doing profinet on BBB.
    Think the internal networkcard does not work.
    You need to test it with a usb to ethercat Adapter.


  • jon-korta

    jon-korta - 2017-03-29

    Thank you.

    I connected the BBB like Master with Ethernet connection to the Profinet "ET 200S IM 151-3 PN HF", but sometimes the BF (bus error) is flashing with red color. And appears this:

    Station status: CF81FD05
    Connection aborted: AR consummer DHT expired.

    Why happens this problem? Is it possible to connect via Ethernet or do I have to connect via USB with an USB to Ethernet adpater?


  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2017-03-29

    either performance issue - reduce reduction Ratio..
    or check the task cycle for the profinet io update Task,
    it is by default 1ms does this work for BBB?



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