Beaglebone Black + Profinet Slave

  • Anonymous - 2020-02-20

    Originally created by: jdadone


    I'm trying to connect the beaglebone with a robot KUKA by profinet.

    Beaglebone side:

    • I have already exported the gdsml file. The file name and version is:

           GSDML-V2.32-3S - Smart Software Solutions GmbH-Codesys PLC-20160824.xml
    • I have already added the codesys profinet device using a different project parameter, in my case beaglebone (it is
      the same in the robot)

    Codesys version: V3.5 SP15
    Beaglebone SL: with softPLC license.

    Robot side:

    - I have imported and configured the gsdml.
    - I checked the connection with PRONETA and i can see the devices but it is imposible to make the connection.

    I don't know how to make it work.
    If it is possible to connect in slave mode, there are some steps or documentaton?

    Thanks in advance.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-02-20

    could you please use a USB-Ethernet Adapter for the Profinet interface?
    I think there is a problem with the local nic in BBB doing this.


  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-02-21

    In addition, Also check runtime configuration under profinet Io under field is under (and all its subpages)

    There are some config steps for Linux runtime such as changing the protocol filter.

  • Anonymous - 2020-02-25

    Originally created by: jdadone

    I tried both. No succed.

    The maximum thing that i get was intermitent connection.

    I tried also modify the comm speed and the same result. Now with ethernet/IP i can communicate but with profinet nothing...

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-02-25

    does a scan find your slaves? ( For the case that you are using an ethernet- usb adapter to do profinet)
    And could we get the plc log for that?


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