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Modbus TCP/IP Slave Device

  • Hodgy1993

    Hodgy1993 - 2014-02-18

    Hi guys,

    Really encouraging platform you've developed here, especially as I'm going into final year and need project idea's.

    In my current work I have the eDAM-5029 Remote IO device communicating with my Pi through MODBUS TCP Protocol (through sockets).
    I'd love to get it up and running with the CODESYS application However I keep getting the CmpIecTask library error when I add
    "Modbus Master -> Modbus Slave" devices.

    If someone could point me in the right direction in terms of configuring my device in the software it would be greatly appreciated.

    Manual: http://www.audon.co.uk/downloads/EDAM5000_Manual.pdf


  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2014-02-18


    this should work, how do you get the CmpIecTask library error,
    this should not happen?
    Try to create an empty new Project with Raspberry Pi as plc.
    Then add Ethernet - then Modbus-Master then Modbus-Slave (under the Modbus Master).
    Compile - the this should lead to an error free compile result.
    If not let me know.


  • Hodgy1993

    Hodgy1993 - 2014-02-20

    Still getting the error(s)..

    Here's a screenshot (attached below)

    This guy also had the same problem and managed to get it fixed:
    http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewt ... 70#p507270


    IMG: Capture.PNG

  • Moderator3S

    Moderator3S - 2014-02-21


    there's an error in the device description of "CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi".
    This is only a problem if you use CODESYS V3.5.4.10.
    I attached a corrected version of the device description. Just install this device (Tools -> Device Repository... -> Install...) and then update your device in the device tree or restart CODESYS.

    Best regards
    3S Support

    CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi.devdesc.zip [9.05 KiB]

  • Hodgy1993

    Hodgy1993 - 2014-02-21


    Many thanks for the support.
    A member of your technical support team managed to remote in to my system and resolve this issue.

    My eDAM IO unit is now up and running as a MODBUS TCP Slave (and only ~9% CPU on the RPi)

    Cheers Guys!

  • kelad

    kelad - 2015-01-24

    Hi Everyone, having codesys run on he pi is brillant.

    Ok, i have the Adam 6050 Modbus TCP slave (12 in, 6 out). I've configured codesys with a modbus tcp master and modbus tcp slave and entered ip address of the slave. However codesys tells me the ModbusTcpSlave is not running. The device appears ok as i can connect to it via service tool. Any tips?

  • kelad

    kelad - 2015-01-25

    My mistake, got it working. Here is screendump of working setup. Problem was i used "FC23 Read/Write Multiple Registers" and i dont think the 6050 supports this. From 6050 manual, it says:

    Code (Hex)
    Name Usage
    01 Read Coil Status Read Discrete Output Bit
    02 Read Input Status Read Discrete Input Bit
    03 Read Holding Registers Read 16-bit register. Used to read integer or floating point process data.
    04 Read Input Registers
    05 Force Single Coil Write data to force coil ON/OFF
    06 Preset Single Register Write data in 16-bit integer format
    08 Loopback Diagnosis Diagnostic testing of the communication port
    0F Force Multiple Coils Write multiple data to force coil ON/OFF
    10 Preset Multiple Registers Write multiple data in 16-bit integer format

    so i tried Function code 03 for read inputs and Function code 15 (16#000F) for write outputs. Once did this, all good.

    IMG: Adam6050_Setup.PNG


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