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Issue with windows VM

  • jeffg

    jeffg - 2022-12-27

    I have been getting an error that shuts down the codesys runtime.
    I have tried codesys and

    The error is
    Entry (32767-30913 0:0) not found - Event WB0261 (LICENSE NOT ACTIVATED), Request IP-Address local(IPV4) with NoUserLimit
    Entry (6000437:305021) not found - Event WB0200 (ENTRY NOT FOUND), Request IP-Address local(IPV4) with UserLimit

    From the PLC log I found this error when the runtime crashes
    **** ERROR: CM SDK err 100: executing CmAccess2
    !!!! Warning: no runtime license - running in demo mode(~2 hours)
    demo mode expired - performing shutdown

    The above error is in the attached log file row 1090

    This error happens over and over and around midnight the runtime gets an no license error and shuts down


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  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2022-12-29

    Is EIP in your project really the latest released version? (
    If not, I would update it to - don't forget top update the device tree.

    This log snippet above is not included in the attached logs (?)
    I would recommend checking the memory consumption of Control Win (Windows taskmanager)
    How often does this happen - after running long term or immediately after starting the plc?
    It seems that the runtime does not manage to read out the licenses in codemeter

    Have seen this only rarely - two possible reasons for this:
    1. no memory available on the system- (memory leak either runtime or application caused)
    2. network not available ( network interface fails - removed somehow - very unusual)

    for 2. You could install the loopback adapter on windows additionally ( google how to do this)

  • jeffg

    jeffg - 2022-12-30

    I have updated to the latest EIP 4.4.0
    The system has limited memory and only has access to one processor core, I will increase this.

    The issue happens a few times a week always around the same time at night, not sure why this is true.

    Thanks for the help. I will try this and see how it goes.

  • jeffg

    jeffg - 2022-12-30

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