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Sending Art-Net Packages via NBS.UDP_Send

  • leonschoeppl

    leonschoeppl - 2020-05-08

    Hey there,

    I'm trying to send Art-Net packages to an ArtNet-DMX-Converter via NBS.UDP_Send to switch between several DMX Channels within one Universe. I use wireshark to check the packets, and seem to be facing two difficulties:
    - all my UDP Packets seem to be within the port range 1740-1743, instead of the 6454 that I fed to myUDP_Send
    - the UDP Packets I am sending cointain a whole lot more data than just the UDP header and what I put into myUDP_Send.pData

    As my CodeSys experience isn't off the charts, I want to ask you guys whether what I'm trying is possible, and if so, how.



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  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-05-08

    1740-1743 is the communication ports for the Development system or a HMI, so you would see them even if you had no NBS running.

    You will need instead a UDP_PEER.

    Please also use the SP16 version of the library, it is amazing!

    Let me know if you are still stuck after using UDP_PEER and I'll try to track down an example.

    • leonschoeppl

      leonschoeppl - 2020-05-09

      Thanks mate, I'll try going with UDP_Peer next week!

    • leonschoeppl

      leonschoeppl - 2020-05-15

      Hey there again!

      I've now tried using myUDP_PEER without success, as it always puts out an Error/ sets xError to TRUE. I could really do with a code example, as the one I used (NetBaseServicesDemo.project from https://help.codesys.com/webapp/090eefOU8ghnTgjp1u-MsUHjdQY%2Ffld-Examples;product=CAA_NetBaseServices;version= didn't get me where I wanted.

      Additionally, the project is in version 3.5.13, so is there any way (other than updating the whole thing) for me to use the SP 16 library?

      Thanks in advance and cheers


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  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-05-15

    Which IEC language would you be most comfortable with?
    Yes, CAA Net Base Service is replaced with Net Base Services and is slightly different.

    • leonschoeppl

      leonschoeppl - 2020-05-15

      Thanks for your quick answer, I'd prefer ST!

    • auto-knowhow

      auto-knowhow - 2021-09-03

      this helped alot. I didnt realize there were two different libraries. Some examples online would have compile errors. I knew it was a library issue but couldnt figure it out until I read this. Your example code is great. Thanks!

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-05-15

    Have a look at this I put together:
    #5 UDP Send and Receive with Net Base Services SP16
    Let me know if it helps you on your way.

    If you ever want to share your ArtNet-DMX-Converter project in forge, I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about that. You can either use iec-snippets if it's small, or add a new project or library (depending how you have packaged it).

    Talk Topic about project #iec-snippets

    • leonschoeppl

      leonschoeppl - 2020-06-05

      Sorry for not answering any quicker and thanks a lot for your piece of code!

      I did update the projekt, switched to NBS SP16 and implemented what you sent me, but sadly I still seem unable to achieve the desired results. When using Wireshark to monitor the local Network, not a single UDP message shows up on port 6454. Any more wisdom you could share with me?

      EDIT: I am receiving 'WRONG_CONFIGURATION' errors from both myUDP_Peer and myUDP_Send.

      In case it is relevant, I'm using a PixtendV2, i.e. CodeSys for RaspberryPi!



      Last edit: leonschoeppl 2020-06-11
  • leonschoeppl

    leonschoeppl - 2020-06-05

    Thanks for the resources you provided!
    About disabling the firewall, are we talking the routers firewall for the network, or is this something host-based to do with CodeSys directly?


    • dkugler

      dkugler - 2020-06-05

      because I used the winplc I had to switch off the firewall of Windows10 to get the UDP pakets sent and recieved.

  • annD

    annD - 2020-06-05

    I am using the OSCAT libraries for sending ArtNet from a PFC200 with Codesys to a simple ArtNet Node from Ulrich Radig. Thats very reliable since years. Here is some code from the early stage - but still working: http://www.oscat.de/community/index.php/topic,880.msg13485.html#msg13485

    All the best,

  • leonschoeppl

    leonschoeppl - 2020-06-11

    UPDATE: Things are starting to look a lot better, as I can now consistently send Art-Net Packets. I'll post the code once I'm happy with it. Thanks a lot to @i-campbell!

  • leonschoeppl

    leonschoeppl - 2020-06-12

    This is the code I'll be using:

        xSend  : BOOL; 
        port : UINT := 6454;
        theirIP : NBS.IPv4Address := (ipAddress := 'XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX'); //BOTEX ArtNet-DMX-Converter
        myIP : NBS.IPv4Address := (ipAddress := 'XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX'); //PixTend
        MySendData : ARRAY [0..50] OF BYTE;
        MySendDataReset : ARRAY [0..50] OF BYTE := [16#41,16#72,16#74,16#2D,16#4E,16#65,16#74,16#00,16#00,16#50,
        NumberOfBytesToSend : UDINT := 50;
        //Function instantiation
        myUDP_Peer : NBS.UDP_Peer;
        myUDP_Send : NBS.UDP_Send;
        myUDP_Receive : NBS.UDP_Receive;
        ChannelOnNumber : INT := 0;
        state : INT := 0; //CASE state
        i : INT; //FOR Counter
    CASE state OF
            xEnable:= TRUE, 
            xBusy=> , 
            xError=> peerErrorBool, 
            eErrorID=> peerErrorId , 
            itfAsyncProperty:= , 
            itfIPAddress:= myIP, 
            uiPort:= port, 
            itfMulticast:= , 
            xActive=> , 
        state := 1;
        FOR i := 0 TO 50 DO
            MySendData[i] := MySendDataReset[i];
        i:= 0;
        IF ChannelOnNumber > 0 THEN
            MySendData[ChannelOnNumber+17] := 16#FF;
        state := 2;
            xExecute:= xSend, 
            udiTimeOut:= 100000, // 100 ms timeout
            xDone=> , 
            xBusy=> , 
            xError=> sendErrorBool , 
            eErrorID=> sendErrorId, 
            itfTSNContext:= , 
            itfPeer:= myUDP_Peer.itfPeer, 
            itfIPAddress:= theirIP, 
            uiPort:= port, 
            pData:= ADR(MySendData), 
            udiSize:= MIN(NumberOfBytesToSend,SIZEOF(MySendData)), 
        xSend := NOT xSend;

    See Attachment for Example WebVisu UI: DropDownMenu changes PLC_PRG.ChannelOnNumber, while the ApplyButton sets PLC_PRG.state to 1.


    Last edit: leonschoeppl 2020-06-12

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