can't find new codesys control .deb file

  • AndreasDeDeDe

    AndreasDeDeDe - 2017-03-01


    I've updated Codesys from to, and downloaded + installed the codesyscontrol for raspberry pi package again.

    When i try to connect to my raspberry now, codesys refuses because the pi doesn't have the correct and new version of codesyscontrol installed.

    If i go to "update Raspberry Pi", there is no .deb file selectable. i searched for *.deb in all directories on my computer, and have found none. how can i get the new .deb file?

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2017-03-01

    should be here after installing/updating the package:
    "c:\Users\<yourwindowsusername>\CODESYS Control for Raspberry PI\codesyscontrol_arm_raspberry_V3.5.10.0.deb" </yourwindowsusername>


  • AndreasDeDeDe

    AndreasDeDeDe - 2017-03-02

    Thanks for the email with the file. This seems to be a bug. There was no .deb file on C:. i also checked this directory. although, there isn't a "users" directory on my C:\ drive, it's named "Benutzer" here.

  • seesle

    seesle - 2020-12-06

    Hi, how did you find the .deb file? i have the same problem with codesys version 3.5 SP 16 Patch 3. First i did not have the menue entry under Tools -> Update raspberry Pi, i managed that in adding it with customize. Now i cant find the .deb package.
    I even updated to and there is no *.deb Package in C:\Users>username>\CODESYS Control for Raspberry PI\
    Any advise?

  • seesle

    seesle - 2020-12-07

    I managed to solve the problem. When i start the codesys engineering as normal user (without admin rights), I do not see any runtime and the Update Raspberry Pi symbol does not appear under Tools Menu. When i start the engineering with right click -> run as admin. The Button under Tools is appearing and i can install the runtime on the raspberry Pi without any problems. It seems that codesys has some problems with uac under windows 10.
    Maybe this helps some other users, when searching it on google.
    Best Regards

  • sandeep

    sandeep - 2020-12-24

    Thanks for sharing the information buddy, i too faced same issue. Now with help of yours i had cleared it.


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