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Runtime Configuration IP-Change not enabled

  • tortillamarcal

    tortillamarcal - 2022-08-01


    I have a runtime for linux in a PC.
    This PC comunicates with a CPU Siemens 1500 and with some RTU485.
    With the RTU485 I don't have any problem but with the comunication between CPU and PC I have and advertence (image). The comunication works but when there is a lot of data flow the communication drops.

    Could someone help me with what's going on? Thanks!

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2022-08-01

    the problem exists on modbus or profinet?
    Which versions are you running on?
    (Runtime and CODESYS Version)

    • tortillamarcal

      tortillamarcal - 2022-08-01

      The problem only exists in the Codesys Profinet Device.

      Codesys Version: V3.5 SP18+
      Runtime Verison:

      Something important is that I have running the runtime inside a Virtual Machine created with Proxmox.

      The comunication worked during a lot of days but now with more data flow drops.


      Last edit: tortillamarcal 2022-08-01

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