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Codesys Wago Going Online from Different Computer

  • happychappy

    happychappy - 2022-03-21


    I am using Codesys 3.5 SP17 (64bit).

    When I download revision 1 of my program to a Wago 750-8214 PLC and go online after the download, everything is fine. Codesys recognize my current project I have opened matches the one on the PLC and I can online monitor.

    When I copy that entire project folder over to a different computer, and try to go online with the program I just downloaded, Codesys gives me an error of the program on the PLC not matching the Program currently opened, and forcing me to redownload to the PLC.

    I have also tried using git to see if that would work, but even with the git pull I get the same issue.

    Am I doing something wrong, because this will be a major headache if someone else from my company needs to assist a client with debugging of the PLC code.


  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2022-03-21

    Please work projectarchives - or use the CODESYS Automation Server to store the project.
    Then this should work without problems on two different computer.

  • happychappy

    happychappy - 2022-03-21

    We are primarily using Git in our company. Is this not possible with git?

  • happychappy

    happychappy - 2022-04-20

    I have tried using archive but its the same results. when opening the archive and trying to login into the plc, it gives me the same issues. The compiler thinks the offline program is different from the online program.

    I can do a video recording as an example, and I will post it.



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