Retentive data

  • Giulix72

    Giulix72 - 2019-10-31

    I have to develop a new project and I need to know if CodeSYS Runtime on beagleboard can use retentive data saved in fast access memory. If I power off the board the retentive data can be maintained. If no I ask if I can add a memory chip (I2C or SPI) in my carrier board.

  • Giulix72

    Giulix72 - 2019-11-07

    Any idea for retentive data ? I explain same solutions but I don't know if possible.

    1) add a FRAM in my carrier board and use spi or I2c driver to store retentive data using a IEC code.

    2) add a FRAM in Runtime configuration settings. Is it possible, any FRAM models available ? This will a good solution because all is done without IEC code.

    3) add a UPS or supercup capacitor and a circuit that inform via GPIO that power supply will off. Add a IEC task execute on GPIO rising edge event that save retentive data as point 1.

    4) like point 3 but the GPIO il pulled by a parallel linux process that terminate the Runtime process and it save retentive data in filesystem.

    Any other ideas ?

    Thanks in advance

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2019-11-08


    3) supercup capacitor as UPS -> power off should trigger a graceful shutdown on Linux OS - this will then trigger the build in meachnism of the runtime to save the retains in file - this is the maintance free UPS solution.



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