Visualization shuting down after some time

  • Mani-H

    Mani-H - 2020-05-02

    i have a problem with my Codesys Visualization, which runs on a Raspberry Pi.
    It functions perfectly during a short period of time after you have started the Raspberry, but after a few hours
    the Web-Visualization shows, that there is no connection. Error: "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"
    Is there anything like a power saving mode which deactivates the Raspberry Pi or the Visualization or do you have another guess what the problem could be?

    Thanks for your Help,

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-05-03

    Hi Manuel,
    which runtime version is this?
    Please check the plclogger (login with CODESYS) for more information -


  • Mani-H

    Mani-H - 2020-05-03

    Ohhhh, thank you,
    i looked through the Log-File (didn't know this exists) and saw, that the license was corrupted, so codesys used the demo function with only 120 minutes visualization-on-time.
    Thank's for your reply and help.


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