How to show pdf file


    JAPIB - 2016-12-23

    Is there a way to show pdf file into visualization, like we can show TXT file with the Text Editor Element.
    J think we can use an ActiveX Element, but how ? The help is very short on this subject.

    Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas


    JAPIB - 2017-01-24

    Hello everybody
    Nobody as a solution to see pdf file in a visualization page.
    The idea is to create help pages by including operating manuals or manuals.
    Thanks in advance for your ideas.

  • Anonymous - 2017-01-24

    Originally created by: barkamharikrishna


    i think you should ask your supplier for the same .

    in my Controller what i use in my Project . supplier Version of codesys they have developed visu element just like rectangle box . i use that box to Show the pdf . thay had developed the lib to Show pdf file and also i can move page up and down , _ in and out ... so onnn


    JAPIB - 2017-01-25

    Thank you very much barkamharikrishna, but my supplier is 3S.
    I asked this question to the technical support and on this forum. But actualy, I got only one answer, your answer !
    Wait and see !

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2017-01-26


    which plc are you using and is this targetvisu where you need this?



    JAPIB - 2017-01-27

    Actually I use CODESYS from 3S and Soft PLC Control Win !
    But I think this can be usefull for every target, If we want to make a "help on line" by showing an operating manual or other PDF information file.

    Thank you very much.

  • pedro-ant

    pedro-ant - 2017-09-13

    Any ideas about this? I'm also very interested in building something similar.

  • johnlee

    johnlee - 2017-09-14

    Using the Webbrowser control in codesys will do

  • e.kislov

    e.kislov - 2017-09-14

    johnlee hat geschrieben:
    Using the Webbrowser control in codesys will do

    Did you try to use Webbrowser control in target visu?

  • pedro-ant

    pedro-ant - 2017-09-15

    johnlee hat geschrieben:
    Using the Webbrowser control in codesys will do

    Thank you, that seems to be a nice workaround.

    I've been trying with the Internet (for example with '') as URL and it works fine.

    But I would like to use this to show a PDF file stored in the InternalStorage or th SD Card, do you how to do that?

    I've tried many combination with no success

  • johnlee

    johnlee - 2017-09-15

    just point to the directory of the pdf file will do, eg
    your using control win, then the pdf are save in D driver then just set the path to D:\xxx.pdf.

    This is work for me

  • johnlee

    johnlee - 2017-09-15

    e.kislov hat geschrieben:
    Did you try to use Webbrowser control in target visu?

    Yes, my customer have use it for more than 6 month and they love it so much.


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