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Trend default time range

  • cdfizz17 - 2022-08-12


    I have data which trends over the course of several hours.
    I removed the 10s option from the Time Range Picker, but 10s is still the default range on load.
    Is there any way to change the default time range?

  • vincentger - 2022-08-12

    I am struggling with the same problem and haven't found the solution. Any ideas?

  • cdfizz17 - 2022-08-16

    Thinking of using an XY Chart to create some sort of custom trend.
    If that doesn't work, I'll just have to leave it as-is...

  • vincentger - 2022-10-28

    Is there a solution yet to change the default time from 10 seconds to a specific time?

  • bernd - 2023-01-29

    Have you tried to change "standard range"?
    Sorry for the german screenshot.!


    Last edit: bernd 2023-01-29
    • vincentger - 2023-01-30

      Which codesys version is this? SP 18.0 doesnt seem to have it.

  • bernd - 2023-01-30

    V3.5 SP18 Patch 4
    I think this has always existed

    • vincentger - 2023-01-30

      Hmm that is strange. I am using SP 18.0 with the Raspberry Pi ( MC SL and i cant find the attribute.

      The only thing i havent tested yet is switching the language to german to see whether you guys reserved it for german people only ;)
      (i am actually from Germany originally)

  • vincentger - 2023-02-15

    Any news on this? Is the new setting a new feature that came in a different revision or is it only available in germany?

  • dkugler - 2023-02-16

    There is no german or english version. Only text items are translated. You are able to select the language in Tools->Options->International settings. In SP18 P3 it exists. With SP17 and SP18 the trend element was improved. I don't know the version, where default time setting for trend was added, because I've updated from SP16 P4 to SP18 P3. In SP16P4 it doesn't exist.

  • koenwindey - 2023-07-13

    I've got the same problem. I have a time trend with a time range picker. Any time it loads, it shows some default time range that I don't seem able to change. The user can then select what he wants but the default on load remains some value that is not in the list of the time range picker.

    I looked in both the trend and the time range picker to see if there is a default you can set... but found nothing. Bit annoying really.

    I'm running version 3.5 sP17 patch 1. I haven't checked newer SP.


    Last edit: koenwindey 2023-07-13

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