Possible “external” visualization and Codesys Depictor

  • martinll

    martinll - 2021-04-17


    I need to make an a bit more advanced visualization for a project. Is it possible to “connect” an external visualization from another hardware and use it in codesys? It’s mainly motions I’ll be working with. If 3D is an option it would be best but all ideas and inputs are very welcome.

    Another quick question. I have downloaded a demo of Codesys depictor but I can’t seem to get it working. I can’t even “start” it. Does anyone know any tutorial or “how-to” for depictor?
    As I understand it, with depictor you are able to import a number of cad-file types but I don’t know how!
    As earlier, any tips and suggestions are very apriciated!



  • martinll

    martinll - 2021-04-18

    Hi Edwin,

    Thank you for your reply!

    Yes I have seen all official Codesys videos mentioning depictor but I can’t find any walkthrough or so. In the webinar where Codesys initially present depictor he just right click on application and there it is (not for me)

    Important to say is that I’m running the demo version and I have put in the demo license.

    I have seen mentioned that you are supposed to create an FB to get depictor going? Does anyone have more information regarding this? Where should the fb be implemented? In what “stage” of programming?

    I would love just a quick step-by-step on how to get depictor going so that one could start exploring the possibilities.

    The software looks, from what I can see, like a perfect way to present my solution for an upcoming assignment (I’m a engineer student) so I would love to get it going.

    Regarding my other part of the question I found factory io. Does anyone know any similar alternatives to factory but where you can design your own “parts” and give them “attributes”?

    One again, Edwin thank you for your reply!

  • martinll

    martinll - 2021-04-21


    I have been looking around and i think that the demo prevents you from creating new depictor applications, could this be the case? I thought that the demo version only prevented you from creating more than 10 scenes but i´m not sure.

    Another question that still sort of remains, could anyone give me their opinion of Codesys and Factory i/o together? Or does anyone have alternatives that one should look into?



    • m.prestel

      m.prestel - 2021-04-22

      Regarding the licensing:
      The depictor has 3 options:
      Unlicensed/view mode (You can only view an existing depictor object, but you cannot edit it)
      Limited (You can add 10 poses/elements)
      * Unliminit (You can add any amount of poses/elements)

      Please check that you have the required license installed.

      Best regards,


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