Disable inputs from WebVisu

5 days ago
  • dgirard

    dgirard - 2020-05-15

    Hi everyone

    1) I am using WebVisu as a secondary screen and TargetVisu as my main screen. Is there a way to disable inputs from WebVisu so that it is used only as a monitoring display?

    2) Also, is it possible to disable inputs from the TargetVisu and enable inputs from only a Webvisu of a specific IP address?

    The idea is that although both screens display the HMI, I only want one screen to accept input for safety reasons...

    Thanks in advance!

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2020-05-18


    I would recommend you enable the visu user management and limit the inputs to users who are logged in.

    Best regards,

    • dgirard

      dgirard - 2020-05-29

      Thanks Marcel, but I am using WebVisu to remotely log into a PLC and I would like to disable all inputs from the remote login until the operator next to the actual PLC selects a button which will enable the remote user to start actions.

      Any thoughts on this?



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