How to update an image upon request ?

  • alrcastro

    alrcastro - 2020-04-15

    I added a picture to the ImagePool having the attribute "Embeeded and LinktoFile" and I added the picture to the VISU area the same way as I did ith a static image (which works fine). However, the linked picture don't even appear right after the runtime get started.

    The picture is on the same folder and has the same name, either at the Controller's side, as well at the Codesys IDE side.
    None of them has space nor special characters.

    Is there any tutorial on this regard?

  • kislov

    kislov - 2020-04-16

    Hi. Check Device - Log (maybe there's some message about your image).
    Also if you upload your image, I can try it with my plc.


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  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2020-04-16

    Just do a download. Images will be automatically transferred (if e.g. the image is used as static bitmap id).

    Best regards,

  • alrcastro

    alrcastro - 2020-04-16

    I wanted that the images were not static, but rarther updated dynamically, either upon request or automatically by the browser itself through the already existing resource "reload image when file changes".

    I made a careful analysis of the Log which didn't recorded any mention of handling the image, whether tagged as Info, Warn or Error. I also tried to upload the updated images directly to the folder where Visu images are stored, and also did not work. BT, the jpeg image I am using opens on the browser where VISU is running, so the issue seems not related to the picture itself.

    I appreciate the kind help of yours, but I made the decision to give up, IMHO that shouldn't be any issue.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-04-16

    maybe i missunderstand your requirement:
    think this works on plc side, if you change the image version property ( after you have changed the image in the /visu directory of the plc)
    -> from release information on this issue:
    The image element now has a bitmap version property. The image will be reloaded when this version changes.

    Download a project with an image element ( this happens with having it in the imagepool)
    - Open Webvisu, Targetvisu or Remote Targetvisu.
    - Replace the image on the PLC with a different image.
    - The new image should be shown in the visu (if the image element version property is updated, see release note).



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  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2020-04-16

    The feature "reload image when file changes" only applies to the IDE, but not to the PLC.

    Best regards,


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