lefish - 2021-07-12

Hi everyone,

I simply resized the size of the dialog by
1. grouping the elements
2. resizing
3. ungrouping the elements
4. Changed Font

No other changes made.

I then saved library and used in the project (version 3.5 SP20)

Everything works fine except the password field:

Altough the variable VisuUserManagement.g_VisuLoginProviderManager.m_arrLoginProvider[iIndexLoginProvider].stPassword is linked (default) the U/N value is shown in the login dialog:

The situation gets even more weird on the password change dialog:

The the shown value "50 Β°C" is the only instance, so obviously this value is used...

I tried to update all versions to the newest on opening the project without any success...

I must say, that the function of the password field does work. So I can log in and I can change the password. Anyhow as this is a customer machine I need to fix this.

How can I fix this?

Thanks for your help!

Best regards


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