WebbrowserElement Connection refused

  • marsmännchen

    marsmännchen - 2020-08-22

    im using a PFC200 with Codesys 3.5SP16.
    I am trying to use the Webbrowser Element with for example 'www.google.at'
    A Raspberry starts in Kioskmode with the IP of the PFC.
    The Monitor connected with the Raspberry shows the Buttons and everything from the Webvisu i made, exept the Background JPG i'm using from the ImagePool (judt shows a big red cross across the monitor) and the WebbrowserElement.
    On the Codesys software (the Tab with my Visu) i can see the Backgroundpicture Google when in run.But on the Webvisu i only can see "Google refused the connection".
    Is that any Firewall thing from the PFC200?
    No, i dont think its a Firewall thing, the Background isn't working either.
    Anyone any idea?
    Edit: Strange,... and on my Mobile Phone the Background works too. Must be a Raspberry thing?

    Edit again: Ok,the Background works now, i started the Raspberry once without kiosk mode and then again in Kios mode and it works. But the Browserelement won't work with Webvisu over Raspberry

    Thanks Patrick

    P.s.: If someone needs a good Panel for the Webvisu, just got my DELL P2418HT with Touchscreen.The Raspberry shows the Webvisu and it works perfect!


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  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2020-08-24

    Yes @dkluger is right. Websites like google prevents their side from being embedded in another webside.


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