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Color Variable: Fillcolor

  • timinio99

    timinio99 - 2017-03-29


    I want to give an variable color to an element like a rectangle. I tried that with : Farbvariablen -> Normalzustand -> Füllfarbe (Color variable -> Normal state -> Fillcolor). I added the var test_color (DWORD) and give it the value: 16#FF0000. When i start my visu, the rectangle should be red, but thats not the case. Did i forget anything?

  • Comingback4u

    Comingback4u - 2017-03-29

    Is your fill attribute set to Hollow? Any other changes made to the element besides tying the variable to the fill color property?

  • e.kislov

    e.kislov - 2017-03-30

    Use 16#FFFF0000. It's RGBA, 4 bytes - 3 colors + alpha-channel.

  • timinio99

    timinio99 - 2017-03-31

    Thanks for your help. I solved the problem by updating my Styleconfiguration.

    e.kislov hat geschrieben:
    Use 16#FFFF0000. It's RGBA, 4 bytes - 3 colors + alpha-channel.

    That also helped a lot.


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