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Color Change for Symbols not working

  • thomasrohnerch - 2024-02-08

    I have some Symbols from the Visualization Toolbox on my Target Visu on the Computer.
    I tried many Symbols, mainly Arrows.
    I'm able to control the visibility with condition e.g. "GVL.actual_testvalues.speed <= 0"

    But I can't do "Toggle color" with boolean GVL.b_toggle_color. Neither "TRUE" nor "FALSE" does change anything.

    Is this a known issue?

    I'm using CODESYS V3.5 SP19 Patch 5 + (64-bit).
    See attached file with more Version-Info.

    I'm currently using Style 6, Gradient axial 2, I had the same issue with Default

  • thomasrohnerch - 2024-02-09

    It seems I misunderstood "Toggle color". It's only applicable for the Symbol "FRAME". This part is working fine. See also attached archive.

  • dkugler - 2024-02-13

    to modify and change the color of this icons from symbols lib I placed it in a visu. After download to the device, I uploaded the SVG files and saved it local. Now I was able to modify them with inkscape and import it to my own imagepool in the project :-)


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