axel.burke - 2017-08-02

Hope someone can help me out. I'm new to CODESYS, but not new to programming PLC's, c++, c# etc.

All I want to do is use a OpenFile dialog to retrieve the path of a text file. I've downloaded the "Visu Dialog ST" example from the CODESYS store, specifically looking at the "IECOpenDialog" application, only to find it has multiple errors. If you look into the source of the errors you find that variables in the code are referencing types/functions/interfaces from the VisuElems library that don't exist in current version (

Suspecting that the root cause was that its calling these from a older library and maybe the library members had changed in the most up-to-date library I downloaded the package from the store of all the previous VisElems libraries. Using the Library Repository tool searched for these types/functions/interfaces but again they also don't appear in previous versions of the library?

So what am I missing? If you right click on a variable type such as 'Login_VISU_STRUCT' in this code snippet from "Visu Dialog ST" below and browse to its definition...

   dialogMan : VisuElems.IDialogManager;   
   result : VisuElems.Visu_DialogResult;
   pLoginInfo : POINTER TO Login_VISU_STRUCT;
   stPassword: STRING;
   stUsername: STRING;

...and it references an item in a library its definition should be displayed in the Library Manager, right?

In this code snipped from the OpenDialog method of DialogManagerListener the IDE cannot find either reference for pClientData or itfDialog?

   (* A pointer to a VisuStructClientData structure identifying the client, where the dialog was opened*)
   pClientData   : POINTER TO VisuElems.VisuStructClientData;
   (* The dialog which was opened*)
   itfDialog   : VisuElems.IVisualisationDialog;
   (* If it was a modal dialog*)
   bModal   : BOOL;

My running version of CODESYS is V3.5 SP11 + (32-bit).

Many Thanks