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  • Singh

    Singh - 2021-04-10

    Hello, i have a question :
    I have 5 Raspberry Pi MC with same code and Same visualisation, just different actuators. They are all in the same Ethernet network. I have only one big touchscreen to monitor. How can i make Web visualisation so that i can access all 5 of them...better one at a time?

    I am thinking of 5 tabs automated opening and with a button and a script to browse through 5 Tabs.
    I am sure there is a better way...please suggest.

  • Singh

    Singh - 2021-04-13

    Thanks a lot for your feedback!
    @dkugler, i think then i am bound to one PLC.
    @m.prestel, is it possible to have an implementation?

    • m.prestel

      m.prestel - 2021-04-14

      Please check out the project.

  • Morberis

    Morberis - 2021-04-13

    The one big touch screen, is that also a PLC/HMI or is it a computer with a browser? Are you fine with running more software on the PC? It sounds like you designed web visualizations for each Pi that you would like to use though, correct?

    If you don't want more running on the computer...You could always have... another RasPi that collects information from each of the others and uses it to generate web visualizations that contain all of the relevant information. That could be through Codesys or through other software like NodeRed. On Codesys one of the numerous ways to do that is through the Data Source manager. A modbus TCP/IP server/slave setup could also work and I might recommend that over the Data Source manager.

    If you are fine with software on the computer. You could use one of a number of software packages to collect and display status information. An example of that would be Ignition but that costs. Grafana might be able to do what you want with some work and does have a free offline tier. Node Red on the computer could also do this.

    Like dkugler says you could do something with the web browser element. Then just design visualizations specific to that and set things up such that the web visu's from any 1 Pi can display the relevent visualizations from the other Pi's.

  • Singh

    Singh - 2021-04-15

    i have tried today with dkugler Idea and result seems to be ok but not yet tested to full extents (as we say in germany, noch nicht ausgiebig getestet!!).

    I do have a fallout QUESTION now. ;)

    I would like to share my modus-operandi and some infos
    info:- My Visualisation has fixed scaling - 1920x1080. i used fixed to avoid any hassles -> as i also use Touch Recognition (from example multi-touch)

    1. Actually what i did is adding another Visualisation and adding a webbrowser Control(size 1330x750) to it (dkugler idea).
    2. Now i can see the other Raspberry Pi Visu. but scaling was problem as
      Then i inserted another webVisu lets say it WebVisu2 and sized it Isotropisch with fixed value 1330x750.

    My Question is can we change scaling informations programmatically seomething like
    webvisu2.ClientScaling.length = xxx
    webvisu2.ClientScaling.width = xxy
    webvisu2.ClientScalingTyp = Anisoptropic

    Regards and Thanks a lot for all feeds!


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  • dkugler

    dkugler - 2021-04-15

    little trick with scaling problems at auto detected screen sizes: Place a small object, a line or circle or bitmap with only 1 or 2 pixel hight/length in the lower right corner of the visualizations, which will be shown in the web browser element. I remember a similar problem in my beginnings with Codesys visu 6 years ago. So till that time, I always place a quit or home button in the lower right corner in my visualizations :-)
    Second hint: right click the visualization an enter properties/Visualization tab. There you can fix every visualization separately to a fixed size.
    Good luck!


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    • m.prestel

      m.prestel - 2021-04-16

      Visu size is the correct way to do it for a visu.
      Webvisu Object also has the possibility to set a client size


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