problem in text list display

  • cedric89

    cedric89 - 2021-01-18

    when i try to display from a string list i have a problem when my string is empty, is there a trick to get rid of that

  • cedric89

    cedric89 - 2021-01-19

    when in my srting list my string is empty, the test field display %s instead of nothing
    when id =0 text to display =
    when id = 1 text to display = some text

  • dkugler

    dkugler - 2021-01-19

    Maybe insert a blank if empty? Then the variable has something to display, but no visible character will be there..

  • cedric89

    cedric89 - 2021-01-19

    fixed i do not need the %s in text


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