Multi channel trace in visualization

4 days ago
  • kurvanov

    kurvanov - 2020-06-23

    I'm using version 3.5 SP15 p10
    I have created a visualization screen that includes a trace object.
    I have added several variables to this trace.
    To make variable analysis easier, i wish I could display the variables in a multi-channel way like it can be selected (with right click) in a trace defined under an application in the engineering tool.

    did I missed something or is it really not possible to display a trace in multi-channel mode in a vizualisation.

    The only one alternative I found is to add one trace object per variable in my vizualisation . This is however very 'heavy' isn't it ?

    Any advice would be appreciated


  • morberis

    morberis - 4 days ago

    What you could do is have buttons that change the read variables to 0. So lets say you're reading 3 variables, var1, var2, and var3. You could use the SEL function block as an input to var1.1, var2.1, and var 3.1. You then have the trace graph Var 1.1, 2.1, and 3.1 instead of var1, 2, and 3.

    Otherwise you could use the datalog manager to make a nice .cvs file that you can import into excel.


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