Variables $placeholders$ in visualisations, like in v.2.x ?

  • pnn

    pnn - 2016-06-28


    in Codesys 2.3 it's possible to use placeholders in visu elements configuration, that is to define a variable like this


    Then if we specify that x should be 5 for a specific visu, the above becomes Drive_5.Start

    Is it possible to do the same in v.3.5.x ? I can't see it anywhere.



    JAPIB - 2016-07-09


    Each visualization page has an interface (like FB) on witch you can define variables.
    To do this select the command Visualization βž” Interface editor
    Uses this variables to set your animation on the visualization.

    When you place this visualization like a frame, you can acces this variables by reference properties and affect the value or the variables from your application.

    You have to read the Help file "CODESYS Visualisation", chapter "Creating a Structured User Interface", su chapter "Calling Visualization with Interface".

    Best regard

  • onstage

    onstage - 2020-12-15

    Trying to do exactly the same thing as pnn, having 24 identical POU:s which I would like to interface with just one VISU so I don't have to change in 24 places when customer has ideas of look-and-feel.

    Using frame I've managed to switch visualization, but that doesn't make this a walk in the park. (Which Codesys 2.3 would have done using the placeholders)

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    • Morberis

      Morberis - 2020-12-15

      Here you go. If you can't seem to find it in the help file just search a visualization element type like 'Rectangle' and look 'Text' for a link to the placeholders.

  • onstage

    onstage - 2020-12-15

    Dear Morberis, Perhaps I expressed myself a bit unclear. What I would like to achieve is a placeholder for a part of the variable name, just like pnn wrote.

    In my case the POU:s are named P_Axis01..P_Axis24. Displaying the same variable from each POU was super easy in CoDeSys 2. Just insert a placeholder within dollar-signs in the element attribute and then choose what the placeholder should be substituted with in that entire visu. E.g. P_Axis$ID$.bVariable could be substituted with 01..24 at runtime.


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