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  • Singh

    Singh - 2020-12-02

    i have a Webvisu for Raspberry Pi ML and wish to show a webcam stream. I cannot get it displayed.

    i did:
    1. i have inserted an ActiveX VLCPlayerLan.2
    2. As a Method i inserted src
    3. As a Parameter i inserted "rtsp://User:Passwd@10.20.30.xxx:554/H.264"

    Note :
    a. I did NOT installed any OPENCV For Raspberry
    b. when i started the VLC PLayer in Raspberry direct and inserted the above said URL in media Stream. i can see the Stream

    Please help, what am i doing wrong?


  • Singh

    Singh - 2020-12-07

    Bitte um UnterstΓΌtzung!

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-12-07

    how should we help.. at least attach the project

  • Singh

    Singh - 2020-12-09

    Hello Mr. Schwellinger,
    as asked, i am attaching a project. It includes a simple VLC plugin inclusion and a website Control intending the same.
    Some Remarks on this issue:
    1. On the Codesys PC Online View, i see the VLC Screen("without the Streaming :(" ). On the Visualisation per Web Browser, i dont see any VLC Screen at all.
    2. Webpage Control on Codesys PC Online View is shown, but On the Visualisation per Web Browser, i get a message "Verbindung abgelehnt".

    I shall be very thankful to you for your helping efforts.


  • Singh

    Singh - 2020-12-15

    Hello everybody, i have been searching the forge but could'nt find a running example of my concerns.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-12-15

    My problem ist i have no cam which deliver the stream... which device are you using?
    Sure the proved method ist to use the PI Cam...this what you maybe already have done..


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  • Singh

    Singh - 2020-12-15

    Dear sir, i just tested this online DEMO stream in VLC pLayer@My Raspberry. it works directly in VLC Player but as a ActiveX is not working.


  • Singh

    Singh - 2021-01-02

    Dear Support,
    Wishing you all happy new year.
    Anything new on my issue?


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