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Edge gateway offline

  • jeffersonhui - 2021-07-21


    I was able to successfully add my PLC's Edge Gateway to the Automation Server. However, I have been waiting a long time and the edge gateway still shows as Offline.

    I can successfully ping from the PLC, so the PLC should have a good internet connection. I attached a screenshot of the ping.

    I also attached a screenshot of the last few lines of the .cfg file on the PLC to show that the edge gateway connected ok.

    If it matters, I am using a CrossControl VC display. As you can see, I added a screenshot of my Edge Gateways and circled the PLC's edge gateway showing Offline.

    Is there something "blocking" the Edge Gateway from being detected by the Automation Server? Or else, what advice do you have?


  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2021-07-22

    Hi Jefferson,
    please contact us by via CODESYS store request - support question -
    I fear we need to check online.

    Best Regards

    • jeffersonhui - 2021-07-22

      Hi, Edwin,

      Actually, I just noticed on the Automation Server download page that the requirements for the runtime system is Edge Gateway or higher... I admit I have not used this in a while, but I remember it used to be 3.5.15, and my PLC's edge gateway used to show up as "online" just fine before. Unfortunately my PLC's edge gateway is still 3.5.15. Could this be the issue? When did you guys change this requirement to 3.5.16?


  • s-greising

    s-greising - 2021-07-23

    Dear Jefferson,

    thanks for your request. The requirement to use SP16 Gateways changed a year ago. Primarily to be able to use remote debugging. But it is also necessary to connect to runtimes with a version >SP16
    The connection itself should not be affected. So from that point of view it should be able to appear as connected (green circle).
    Did you try to reconfigure the edge gateway? Remove it and add it again? Or you could try to replace it through the service tool.

    Hope this is helpful for you!



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