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coβ™»e: Results Visualization

5 days ago
  • dhruvjagga

    dhruvjagga - 2021-11-02

    Hi, I am unable to see the results from the coUnit in the Device Log. Do I have to do any further setting as mentioned above?

    Any suggestions/pointers are welcome.

    Attaching the screenshot.


    Talk Topic about project #counit

  • aliazzz

    aliazzz - 2021-11-02

    About your issue, I believe you are running in "Simulation Mode".
    You should not run coUnit in Simulation Mode as the log output is not supported under simulation mode.

    Please activate your local installed SoftPLC from the systray. After that, scan your PLC via the project and connect with it. Download and run ;-)


    Last edit: aliazzz 2021-11-02

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