What it is

Retro Games is a small test library aiming a fun way to test specific I/O systems. Currently you can use your Rotary Encoder or Analog Input to play Pong on your Web Visu.

What it can be

A vision is that you can have other game modes. For example:

  • flipper for digital I/Os and LED grids
  • slot machine for drives

How it can be used

There is a small tutorial on how to use the library on a raspberry Pi. Generally the library comes for every game with a PRG, which directly has its local In- and Outputs, and the corresponding Visu pages.

So you can easily include it in any project and map any Inputs or outputs to the I/Os of the game.

Help and motivation

To achieve the goal of the stated Vision, everyone is welcome to participate and rewrite one of the game classics in CODESYS.

It is actually also a fun way to experiment with the possibilities of such modern programming languages where you can mix OOP with graphical views and easy I/O access.


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