Fire in the box

After the tank was ready, I couldn't await the first fire tests. To do the tests I needed a rack, which I built as a first draft out of old pallets. This was better then nothing, but not satisfying in a long term.

Then I started with a burning test. I used some coal brickets and later wood to test how the air flow works and if the chimney is functioning.

The results:

  • Wood or coal should be heatened up outside, for example in a charcoal chimney.
  • The airflow was good when the temperature was high enough as the chimney sucked enough air then.
  • Without heating it up externaly, you need to actively blow air into the box (like the lotus grill does).
  • Without any additional measure, the box can hold a constant temperature of 160°C.

=> So all in all, it sounded promising. Seems like it is realistic to get a temperature range between 50°C and 200°C in the box, with higher peaks when grilling above the blaze.

Posted by Ingo 2018-05-03

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