The Tank

All started with the renewal of our heating system. After the disassembly of our old heating system, I was faced with a freshwater tank, marked for disposal. Until then I newer thought of owning or even building my own smoker. I always prefered grilling on open fire with real wood. I always loved this puristic way of preparing food.

But then I fell in love with this tank. Which already looked like it was always intented to become a smoker one day. Though I believe, that the german manufacturer in the 70th didn't have BBQ in mind when they designed the tank. ;)

The start was easy, as this was a freshwater tank. So it was clean and beside some chalk, it was in good shape. So mainly I used an angle grinder to core the tank, and to cut the door into it. Then I packed it into our car to modify it with the plasma cutter and the welding mashine of a friend.

The plasma cutter was the ideal tool to get a round hole into the tank as a let out for the chimney. The welding mashine on the other hand was ideal to seal the numerous holes of the tank. I just left two holes open, which were at good position to let some fresh air to the cole.

So finally I mounted:

  • a standard chimney of a sweden oven,
  • a handle to open the lid and
  • two hinges to hold the lid

A mounting hint for beginners (like me ;) ):

I mounted virtually everything with screws. When drilling the holes into stainless steel, you should always fixate the part that you are trying to mount (e.g. with the first screw). Otherwise you are easily drilling a few millimeters beside the hole of the mounting part, as the surface of the steel is such flat and hard.

Posted by Ingo 2018-05-03

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