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Warning!!! The Information on this project is outdated. Since the release SP17, the install script doesn't work anymore, due to the modularization of CODESYS.


CODESYS 4 Linux is just a small install helper, to install CODESYS on top of wine. This works, since the release of version 3.5 SP13, more or less smoothly. You can't expect, that all features are working, or that the usability is as smooth as under windows. But big parts of the product are working, what makes it well usable for many scenarios.


This describes, the prefered way, using the install script.
To manually do the installation, you might want to take a look into this page.


Download the install script. This can be done with

  • svn
  • from the website
  • wget


wget -c "https://forge.codesys.com/tol/codesys-4-linux/docker/ci/master/tree/codesys-ide/install2.sh?format=raw"


Make sure, that you own a valid Windows license. Because the installer will install DotNet from Microsoft. And this software requires a valid Windows license.


Change the rights of the script, and run it.

chmod u+x install2.sh


After the installer finished, you should have a folder "~/.wine.cds/drive_c/CODESYS". From there you can start CODESYS like this...

export WINEPREFIX=~/.wine.cds
wine ~/.wine.cds/drive_c/CODESYS/CODESYS/Common/CODESYS.exe



You can build a docker container, which contains a CODESYS installation running on top of wine. The installation process is automated in the same way as described above. To build the docker image, you can simply use the Dockerfile from the Git repository:

sudo docker build https://forge.codesys.com/git/tol,codesys-4-linux,docker.git\#:codesys-ide -t codesys-ide

The image can be used to automate tasks. It contains a wrapper to start CODESYS, which contains already a few scripts, which can be used to automate specific tasks.

For example:

sudo docker run codesys-ide codesys compile-library

But again, be aware, that you need to own a Windows license to use the image, as it contains a DotNet installation from Microsoft.


The CODESYS Control runtime is natively running on Linux. The Soft PLC CODESYS Control Linux SL contains a free 2h Demo mode. You can easily create a debian based docker inage, which contains this demo:

sudo docker build https://forge.codesys.com/git/tol,codesys-4-linux,docker.git\#:codesys-control -t codesys-control

The runtime can then be started inside the container. Note that the runtime needs to be started with root privileges. This is not very common for docker, but currently the easiest solution to get it running:

sudo docker run --privileged codesys-control


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