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Licenses of projects

From now on, only projects, which defined an open source license will be listed on the web page. If you didn't define one, yet, you will get a notice when you visit your own projects.

For more informations about the licenses, which are allowed on COSESYS Forge, visit:

Posted by Ingo 2019-08-04 Labels: Licenses Open Source

Add own log messages

Download Example

CODESYS includes a logger, where system components and fieldbusses are issuing status and error messages.

But this functionality is not limited to internal features. Every application and every library has access to the logger. You simply need to register a component, that you can identify yourself against the logger.... read more

Posted by Ingo 2019-05-10

User Feed

Menu Entry

I recently added a menu entry called "User Feed". The page behind lists the newest blog posts of the whole site.


So for example, you can use a private blog in your user profile to share projects, experiences, hints or funny facts with others.

But also news feeds of your projects will be listed there.


This will soon replace the current Hacks blog. Simply because it makes more sense that a single blog is maintained by few people.... read more

Posted by Ingo 2019-02-21