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    hi, why <> IF udiCmpId <> 0 THEN Component_Manager.CMAddComponent2('User Application', 16#00000001, ADR(udiCmpId), 0); END_IF does this operation be executed only the first time? BR, Paolo

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    excuse me, i wanted to post this question on the motion section

  • Posted a comment on discussion Engineering on CODESYS Forge

    Hi to all, i'm using a personal created cam table with more points of the standard included: TYPE SMC_CAMTable_LREAL_8192_1 : STRUCT Table: ARRAY [0..8191] OF LREAL; fEditorMasterMin: REAL; fEditorMasterMax: REAL; fEditorSlaveMin: REAL; fEditorSlaveMax: REAL; fTableMasterMin: REAL; fTableMasterMax: REAL; fTableSlaveMin: REAL; fTableSlaveMax: REAL; END_STRUCT END_TYPE also reading the official documentation on;product=SM3_Basic;version=

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    Hi , I'm trying to use the softmotion light function but i found a problem in the MC_MoveVelocity_SML The MC_MoveVelocity_SML function pass to the objects TargetVel 60FFh, ProfAcc 6083h, ProfDec 6084h the value passed in the FB in units scaled by (Axis.dwRatioTechUnitsDenom) / Axis.iRatioTechUnitsNum) this is incorrect because by the CIA DS402 these values should be expressed in 1/10 of RPM for the 60FFh and in msec from 0 to 3000RPM for the 6083h and 6084h and not in pulses/second and pulses/second^2...

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