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Connecting Codessys to PLC by DNS Adress

  • B@llou

    B@llou - 2020-07-23


    on my Raspberry, I have a Codesys Runtime running. Now I would like to establish a connection from my Codesys 3.5 via my DNS address to my Raspberry.
    If I enter my DNS address + port in the connection parameter instead of the IP address, I can't establish a connection.

    How can I make the connection?

    Thank you and greetings

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-07-23

    you must add "dns:" to the front

  • B@llou

    B@llou - 2020-07-23

    Thanks for the information

    Where exactly do I find the settings to select "Add Device"?
    Which port do I need to share on my router?

    If I understand this correctly, doesn't a gateway have to be installed on my automation device (Raspberry)?


    Last edit: B@llou 2020-07-23
  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-07-23

    Like a public facing router? No ports should ever be forwarded on such a router. Please use the CODESYS Automation Server instead.

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-07-23

    The dialog in my screenshot is enabled with Tools > Options > Device Editor > View > Communication page > Classic Mode
    Then you doubleclick your PLC in the device tree.

  • B@llou

    B@llou - 2020-07-23

    I just have a little understanding problem.

    I don't want to use a service but want to access my PLC directly from my notebook from outside.

    When I am at home, I start Codesys on my computer, as gateway I use the default setting and then I enter the IP address of my Raspberry and so I have established a connection.

    How it works now when I am in the office I have not understood yet.

    -Do I need an extra gateway or can I use the default setting?

    -If I need to use a different gateway, where do I install it and how is it configured

    -Must I release a port on my router to be able to access my PLC via Codesys and if so, which port is this?

    • Morberis

      Morberis - 2020-07-23

      The automation server is definitely the best way but if this is just for personal use there are a few ways that won't cost 80€ + minor data fees a month after this year.

      You can configure a vpn exit node on your home network and VPN into it so that you can connect to it outside of your home. Wireguard might work for you and might already be on your Pi. A router that allows you to VPN into the network like Phoenix contact's MGuard is the professional version of that.

      You could also setup teamviewer on your home computer and on your laptop, if they're 2 different devices, and teamviewer into your desktop and use that to access your personal PLC.

      But like it was quoted up above you definitely don't want a customer's PLC to be accessible from outside. Shodan here is a good demonstration why not.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-07-23

    if you use 3.5SP16 (or 3.5SP16Patch1) so current version,
    you need to install the EdgeGateway Package via Shopping cart on your CODESYS.
    Then deploy the Edge Gateway to your PI. ( you need to deploy armhf)
    -Order CODESYS Automation Server in the Store ( free of charge).
    -Then add the Edge Gateway to your Server.

    Then you could connect from outside to your PI.
    (CODESYS Developmentsystem Login and webvisu access)
    Thats the whole story.

    Best Regards


    Last edit: eschwellinger 2020-07-23

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