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Need Clarification - Motion Generating functions and Bus Task

  • josepmariarams

    josepmariarams - 2021-10-29

    I think that the question is not separate the axes motion between tasks, is to send to another task the trajectory precalcs (Normally newton-rawlson solver equations involved).

    • ibarroso

      ibarroso - 2021-11-02

      Thanks for your reply.

      If I understood well, you mean that there are motion generating functions that require trayectory precalculations (I imagine CNC path planning and robotics). This precalculations could be swapped out to another task to another core.

      However, as a rule of thumb for creating motion programs, the functions should be executed in the Bus Cycle Task? This is my main question. If this should always be like this, no matter how many cores you have on the IPC, then it means that axis or axis groups should all be running on the same task on the same core.


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