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Stepper Motor Control

  • yann2021

    yann2021 - 2021-07-07

    I’m trying to get to work a stepper motor with a DRV8825 driver on a Raspberry Pi 3 A+ with Codesys 3.5 SP17. The used stepper motor is a JK20HS30-0604. I applied the following schematic:

    I already adjust the voltage to about 0,25 V (Vref. = 1/2 I max.) with potentiometer on the DRV8825.
    I want to achieve a simple example:
    When I push a button I would like the motor accelerate for 3 seconds to a high speed, then maintain the speed for 2 seconds and then decelerate for 3 seconds until it completely stop.
    I open the project named « StepperTestProject » available here:
    In the « Visu_DRV8880 » there is so much FB so I don’t know which one I have to take also the range of the input parameters to set for my example. There is also a POU but I don’t understand what he do because is in ST and I only program in Ladder (LD) or SFC.

    Who can help me and give me more details to have a functional stepper motor?

    Many thanks in advance for your help.



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  • yann2021

    yann2021 - 2021-07-13

    Really, no idea, nobody can help me...? 😢

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2021-07-13

    not really, because your device expects to get puls/direction as I understand the schematic.
    This approach from forge does generate the flow patterns for the amplifier.
    So to have it easy just order this really cheap devices/amplifiers from the forge project.
    That's what I want to suggest


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