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CodesysHMI: unable to make it works

  • cvigier

    cvigier - 2016-11-22


    I'm trying to use CodesysHMI.

    I wrote a .bat file that contains the following command lines:

    "C:\Program Files\3S CODESYS\GatewayPLC\CODESYSHMI.exe" /target C:\Users\Electrotech\Documents\AUTOMATISME\Programmes_Codesys_SoM\Test_HMI.project" /visu visualization

    When I launch the .bat file, the Windows's Execution windows appears, instructions scrolls, and shut down... nothing else, no full screen visualization. The path to where my program is saved is OK.

    What did I miss ?

    Another question: So, I'd like the Visu appears then I launch the .bat file. Is there a way to run and stop the PLC program via the visu ?

    Thanks for helping.


  • wollvieh

    wollvieh - 2016-11-23


    i used on codesys V2 in a batch file the following command ...
    The windows system was win7, 32 bit.

    Start "This is only o Title..." "C:\3S Software\codesys V2.3\codesysHMI\CoDeSysHMI.exe" "C:\PLC\myproject.pro" /visu PLC_VISU /visudownload

    and it worked well.

  • cvigier

    cvigier - 2016-11-23

    Thanks you for replying,

    I'm using Codesys V3.5 SP9 under Windows 7.

    No way, for me it doesn't work. I should miss something !

    Does the PLC has to be in run ? stop ? (have to say it doesn't change anything for me). I have probably forgot something basic, for sure, but WHAT ?

    Help , please help ....

  • wollvieh

    wollvieh - 2016-11-25

    why using a batch file?
    Normally the CodesysHMI is automaticly started when you start the Codesys Control Winv3...

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2016-11-26

    Hi cvigier,
    which plc are you using?

    You have always depending on which plc you have running different aproaches/possibilities.

    Now an additional very interesting:
    With 3.5SP10 (release 15th December) you could use the new CODESYS HMI SL produkt,
    which you could use for CODESYS V2.3 plc and CODESYS V3 plc's.
    This new HMI does a symbolic acceess to the variables in the plc (no dataserver is used anymore)
    This give beside being a "Fullscreen Windows based HMI" the posibility to add html 5 webvisu to CODESYS V2.3 devices!!

    Other posibilities:
    If you have a V3 plc ->Use remotetargetvisu (this is the solution which you are talking about basically in this post):
    "c:\Program Files (x86)\3S CODESYS\GatewayPLC\RemoteTargetVisu.exe" (just execute this and configure the address of the plc)

    HMI before 3.5SP10 - sure this works but only with V3 plc's.

    So first we need to know which plc you are working on,


  • cvigier

    cvigier - 2016-12-02


    Thank you, it works like i expected with "remotetargetvisu".

    Is there a way to run or stop the target via the visu ?


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