Create Package


CODESYS packages can contain libraries, device descriptions and external files. It provides a package, which can be easily installed with CODESYS.

To create such a package, you need to create a, so called, package manifest. This is an XML file, which contains the description of the package installer and the references to all files, which will be installed.

cforge provides a mechanism to generate a good template for such a package, based on the files, which are found in a specific folder. You can initiate this creation with the command "cforge > create package" in the context menu of the folder, in which the package will be created.

It is recommended to place all files in a folder before, which is named after the package. This makes sense, as the build command creates a package outside of this directory with the base name of the package directory, that contains the package.manifest.

For example, the file "trunk/cforge/package.manifest" will result in a package named "trunk/cforge.package" .