#8 Compiling SP11 Project


Dear Support,

We're building a project in Codesys 3.15 SP11. We'd like to improve our workflow by automating some tasks via CI pipelines using your provided Docker image & scripts inside of it. By default, it has SP16 installed. We could install our packages, but we haven't been able to successfully create a bootapp for our application. We have also tried installing & using SP13, however everything we tried resulted in different issues.

Could you please guide us how to create a bootapp for a project in SP11 with a Docker image and installation of Codesys > SP13 (we're aware that versions below SP13 are not supported to run through Wine)?

Many thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
Paula Kokic


  • Ingo

    Ingo - 2022-09-20

    Hi Paula!
    That should be as easy, as changing the URL in install2.sh.

    The variable is called CDS_LINK, and it contains the SP16 version number.

    I didn't test it with SP11, but guess it should simply work...

  • pkokic

    pkokic - 2022-09-26

    Hi Ingo,

    I already tried that... Firstly, installation for SP11 does not exist online for download (tried changing URL accordingly). Secondly, I tried installing a locally available .exe of SP11 inside Docker and changing up a few necessary things in install script, but it didn't work.

    Somewhere here it says that Docker version works only from SP13 onwards for some reason...

    Like I mentioned, I tried already many many combinations to install this for about a week and couldn't get it to compile the code properly. I would highly appreciate if someone from Codesys would try it out and write a description and what has to be changed in install script, as perhaps I'm just missing something.



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