Ingo aliazzz

Python in CODESYS

CODESYS comes with built-in support for Ironpython. The Ironpython scripts are running inside of the CODESYS IDE, and can be used to automate huge parts of the system. That virtually everything within CODESYS can be automated this way, and that CODESYS can even be started headless, running a python script, makes the system really mighty.

There are many use cases you can think of:

  • Test automation
  • CI/CD integration for CODESYS projects
  • Static analysis for CODESYS projects
  • Autodeploy applications on controllers
  • Scan for controllers and update them
  • Automatically discover diagnostic info from multiple controllers in a network
  • Many many more usages ...

See also CODESYS Help


... will come...


cforge heavily uses the scripting API to automate some workflows for developers.


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