cfunit-drone Commit Log

Commit Date  
[r7] (HEAD) by ingo

use separate project file, instead of adding the Device to the library

2020-11-21 21:22:06 Tree
[r6] by ingo

corrected build script name

2020-11-12 20:18:40 Tree
[r5] by ingo

download dependencies

2020-11-05 14:34:36 Tree
[r4] by ingo

committed integration smoke test for unit test framework with drone

2020-10-24 23:54:03 Tree
[r3] by ingo

use new dependency mechanism of the "runtest" action

2020-04-04 22:43:09 Tree
[r2] by ingo

added cfunit test project

2020-01-05 21:37:26 Tree
[r1] by ingo

Add initial directories

2020-01-05 21:24:37 Tree