Any guides on using Codesys containers in Docker?

  • aone - 2021-04-11


    Are there any guides on using Codesys containers in Docker? I am new in using Docker and containers in general, but I understand the main points of it.

    I found the Codesys-4-Linux container, but I'm not sure where to start in using it.

    I am familiar with Codesys and I would like to utilize Codesys containers on a server to run automated tests via Cfunit.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  • aone - 2021-04-11

    I'm currently going through this tutorial:

    Also, I just found this page: which is helpful, thank you Ingo for making it.

    I'm expecting to use just the IDE in the following way:

    • Utilize the IDE scripting engine to create POUs, DUTs, etc. and create the Unit Tests associated with the new code
    • Utilize the IDE's simulated runtime environment to verify the newly created code passed the unit tests created for it.

    For the case described above, I would only need to use the "codesys-IDE" container correct?

    I'll go through the repo and figure out how everything works.
    Thanks for making the Docker container!


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    • Ingo

      Ingo - 2021-04-11

      Yes, exactly! In combination with cfUnit, I also experienced with this

      You can start it in the container simply with the command "codesys
      build-test". While it worked locally, I didn't get it to run in my
      productive environment. But this was related to Drone, which I used as a
      test runner.

      This command builds a boot app, which I then started with this script:

      Yes, and you're welcome! πŸ˜‰

      • aone - 2021-04-13

        Hello Ingo,

        Do you have a an example work flow for using the Codesys-IDE container?

        I am having a difficult time understanding what inputs or prerequisites are required in order to use commands like "build-test" or "compile-library".

        For instance, what inputs are expected after this command? A path to a .project file on the host computer?

        docker run codesys-ide codesys build-test

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        • Ingo

          Ingo - 2021-04-14

          To answer your last question first:
          You need no input. The commands are designed, they are crunching through all files recursively. The reason for this "weired" design is the main use case, for which I designed them:
          "Execute easy build tasks" So a command might look like "codesys compile-library" , and it operates on the whole repo (magically).
          Checkout this documentation, to understand the idea:

          So, maybe you now also got an idea on how I use the containers.

          • Drone is mounting the repository as a volume to a folder
          • The working directory is already this folder
          • And I execute the commands like shown above

          If I can help you more, continue to ask.
          If it is a specific question, just ask this.
          If you have more general problems in understanding my stuff, I will need a bit more information about your current status.

          And I want to boost the idea of @hermsen . It would be terribly interesting for many of us, if you could write a nice blog post about your solution. Maybe it's still too early. But when you are ready and you need some help to publish it, feel free to ask for support.


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          • aone - 2021-04-15

            Thanks Ingo!
            I started to realize your design after deciphering the "codesys" bash script in the codesys-ide folder and the "run" script in the Test folder.

            I'll review the wiki link.
            I'll be sure to post about the journey when I get proficient with the tools.

          • aone - 2021-04-15

            To clarify, you need to use Drone CI/CD (or another CI/CD tool) in order to utilize the Codesys containers, correct?

            • Ingo

              Ingo - 2021-04-22

              That's the main use case, but it might also be helpful in other scenarios.

    • hermsen

      hermsen - 2021-04-12

      Maybe you would be so kind and write up a blog of your progress? We would love to see such a project/story/blog in CForge! Plus, if you encounter some difficulties we can help.


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  • aone - 2021-04-12

    I'll document my journey. I'm looking through the repo in order to reduce trivial questions. I appreciate all the help.

    I'll pose questions here when I put in my due diligence.

  • jarfral10 - 2023-03-02

    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has had issues with building the codesys-ide image? When I run my docker build command it gets hung up in the file. I am able to build and run the codesys-runtime container but not the ide. I am running docker on Debian version 11. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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